About Mrs. Hamilton

So, let me tell you a little about myself.

I grew up in a small town between Waco and Dallas called Hillsboro. The city is famous for a couple of things...the county courthouse which burned down to the ground and was eventually rebuilt, and an outlet mall which was booming at one time but now is a shell of empty storefront after empty storefront. Hillsboro is the kind of place where everyone knows everybody else. There's a Wal-Mart, a grocery store, and a few other little shops, but that's about  it. I spent my childhood there in a small frame house across from a cemetery (the neighbors sure were quiet!). I enjoyed playing outside, riding my bike, and doing other usual kid stuff.

I graduated in 1995 as part of a group of 92 students, most of whom I began kindergarten with. After high school I entered college as a journalism major. Writing was something I loved. I had plans of being a sports reporter for a major metro daily, but as I began to get deep into the meat of journalism classes, the fun of writing began to fade away. Reporting was all fact gathering, composing, editing, deadlines, fact checking....and boring. I didn't enjoy it. Journalism sucked all the fun out of writing for me. Two years into college I looked into my heart and changed majors. I enjoyed school and loved writing. My plan was to instill that same love of writing into my students. It's something I still aim for today.

I worked several part-time jobs while I went to school, and as fate would have it, I met my future husband while on the job in July 1998. We married and moved to Houston. Along the way we've added two dogs to our family (our yellow lab Boxley is 13 years old and our mixed doggie Baylee is a little over a year, we think). We also have two kids. Our son Colton will be in first grade at Mossman, and our daughter Katelyn (sweet baby Kate) was born this past January.

That's my story in a nutshell. What's yours?

As A Professional
I learn something every year and have tried to continually grow as a teacher. Each year I set goals for myself. Here are my goals for this year:
  1. Reader's Notebooks - I want these to become a useful tool for the kids to use to develop critical thinking skills while reading.
  2. Literacy Stations - I plan to implement a few literacy stations to give the kids a chance for independent practice and hands on learning.
  3. Focus on Conventions and Handwriting - I hope to develop a conventions and word study notebook with the children so that those topics are valued and important. Sometimes kids are so focused in getting meaning on the page that they don't think about the reader's perspective and grammar and conventions get in the way.

Mrs. Hamilton's Favorites

  • food: Mexican food...my weakness!
  • drink: Coke or anything on ice from Sonic
  • place to shop: Target, Amazon.com, iTunes
  • websites: Pinterest! (I can spend hours there...and that's just looking for school stuff!)
  • place to visit: Walt Disney World
  • piece of jewelry to wear: a charm bracelet or my bracelet with the kids' names on them
  • color: bright, cheerful colors....pink is a special favorite!
  • splurge: Vera Bradley, Coach, Southwest
  • fast food: Chick Fil A, Sonic
  • toy: my iPad (Did you know that apple will give you a replacement iPad...for a fee, of course...if the screen on yours is cracked? Don't ask me how I know this.)
  • movie: Gone With The Wind, Steel Magnolias, anything that makes me laugh or cry
  • feeling: when Kate snuggles up close
  • sound: Colton's laugh
  • way to spend my time: being a mommy


    1. Hello from Missouri! One of your posts made it on to Pinterest and I love your site. I'm a homeschooling mom of a six-year-old. We started a year early, so my little one is in 1st grade now. I love some of the writing ideas you suggested under Writing in Cafe 1123 and will definitely be incorporating them into our daily learning. Thanks!

    2. Really enjoyed visiting your page today! I am from a small Texas town, too, and graduated in '95 as well! I am a first year 6th grade Language Arts teacher in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (we moved here from Dallas in 2006). It's been a challenge, but I do enjoy it. I love writing and reading as well, and hope to share that enthusiasm with my students. We're doing Mother's day cards today ;-). Have a great day, thanks for the great ideas!

    3. I love your ideas for reading and writing notebooks. Do you have a list of the order you teach things in reading and writing? I am working on my own workshop approach here in NC.

    4. I absolutely can make a list. I'll post it on the front page and then copy it here also.

    5. I think this is a great website. I teach 7th grade, but I think your reading and writing notebooks are awesome! You really helped me find a better to use my notebooks.