Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Here's a fun game for skills review called Heartbreaker. I can't remember where I found the idea from, but this is an easy game to create and can be used for all kinds of skills practice. 

To Make The Game Pieces
Come up with three types of game cards - Win __ Points, Lose ___ Points, and Heartbreaker cards. You can write these on heart cut outs, index cards, or scraps of paper. 
The win points cards can have all kinds of number values…2, 17, 146…whatever. The number is up to you. The same goes for the lose points cards. Choose any value…lose 5, 19, 44, 723 points…whatever. The heartbreaker cards have different things written on them, like take half the other team's points, lose a turn, give 100 points to every other team, etc. 

To Play The Game
To play, lay the heart cutouts face down on the table or place them face down in a pocket chart. Then choose some skill to review. Today we reviewed cause and effect. The team that got the correct answer got to choose a heart. They kept a running total of how many points the earned or lost. I also randomly award points throughout the game also (Suzie raised her hand, her team gets 10 points, etc.). You can end the game when you choose. ,When the game ended today I told the kids we'd take the winning team's number of points and have that many extra minutes of recess.

This is a fun game that the kids really enjoy because the point totals can change quickly due to the number value on the cards. Plus the cards can be used for a variety of activities. Tomorrow I'll use the same set of cards for a fact and opinion review activity. Have fun!

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