Thursday, September 12, 2013

We tweet!

This summer I had the opportunity to attend the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference in San Antonio with my team members. We had the absolute best time! I am so thankful my principal made the investment in my team and sent all of us. It was the best bonding experience (my goodness, I am so lucky to work with the people that I do...Mossman Third Grade Team ROCKS!) and we left energized about using technology.

The best session I went to was about using social media in the classroom, specifically websites like Schoology/Edmodo, Facebook, and Twitter. The presenters talked about "Twitter Tuesdays" they hosted at their school. Each class had a twitter account and they used it to communicate throughout the building. Classes might post announcements ("We're having an author's celebration, come and join us!") or even questions ("If the answer is 4, what could the questions be?"). You might also tweet an author and see if they respond. My colleague and I were hooked.

So we are launching into our own Twitter Tuesday of sorts at school. We have each set up twitter accounts and I have my twitter feed on the right side of the screen. Please feel free to follow us! We are looking to meet up with other schools by twitter and get in touch with authors, writers, and other experts. If you are interested in a Google Hangout, we are interested also! Tweet us!

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