Friday, April 26, 2013

Me As A Reader

Our school is hosting an open house next week for parents to come and see some of the work their child has done throughout this year. We've made a couple of projects to get ready that I want to share.

Me As A Reader Step Book
This is a simple step book made from two sheets of paper that are folded and stapled. We did the top cover together. On the other pages of the book, the kids wrote about their favorite character we've met this year, their favorite book this year, and their favorite genre. It was a good activity to review many of the things we've learned about this year. You could really see their brains stretching to think about themselves as readers! That's hard work for some of our kids.

Reader's Self Portrait
Once we talked about favorite books that we've read this year, I had the kids draw a self portrait of them reading their favorite book. In the step book described above, I had the kids choose a favorite book that I'd read aloud and we shared together. For this activity the kids could choose any book, whether it was one I'd read aloud or one they've read during independent reading. We took the drawing slow and steady. I knew things were going to be good when it got real quiet in the room while they were working! Here's a few of the finished products. They turned out great!!


  1. I would like to use this with my second graders but I think drawing the picture would be hard. Do you have any suggestions or possibly the instructions you gave your class about how to draw it? (I am not very artistic myself).

  2. Go slow and steady! We start by drawing the book. Tell them the spine of the book is like a smile - a big, wide smile for a thick book and a skinny smile for a thin book. Then draw the sides of the book as a line from the edges of the smile to the sides of the page. We did the faces after that - head in the shape of an oval, eyes in the shape of footballs, noses like a "loose L", and lips (top lips like a 3 turned on its side). Do an example up front with the kids but take it slow and steady. You will be surprised how well they turn out! I tell the kids they will all look different and that's totally OK!