Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Confession...

I have to be honest...nothing gets me more excited when I get home than to see a box waiting on my porch! Especially when I open up the box and inside I see this:

three books for me and a pile of picture books for read aloud. I love books. I still have my entire first grade read aloud and classroom library intact up in my extra bedroom. Thank goodness my husband doesn't mind! My books are like my friends and I can't bear to lose them. I love adding new books to my collection.

I feel like lately my read alouds are losing steam, so I am trying to hunt for some new titles. Here's what I'll be reading to the kids in the next week or so.
Extra Yarn
The Curious Garden
The Fabulous Bouncing Chowder (an oldie but we LOVE the character Chowder!)
Creepy Carrots
Each Kindness (So good! Plan to do a random act of kindness project based off this one.) 

Here's what I'll be reading personally in the next few weeks. I am on a cold streak as far as picking books to read myself, so hopefully these three will get me back on track.
May B.
Robot Dreams
The Bronte Sisters

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