Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Subway Summaries

One of the reading skills that third graders must learn is the art of the summary. Students have to read a passage, identify the important information, and then turn around and use that important information to construct a coherent summary of what they have read. It's a challenging skill for the kids to master and one that typically takes time and exposure for the kids to be successful with.

This year we've already taught summary in the fall semester, but we're revisiting summary as we wrap up our unit on theme and genre. Today I did a lesson to review what should be included in a summary. I had a little fun with this lesson just to make sure I had the kids' attention.

Before the lesson began I put on my apron and hat. I made signs that said "Subway Summary Artist." Years ago the Subway sandwich shops had their employees wear shirts that said Subway Sandwich Artist. So today I was a Subway Summary Artist. I put the apron and hat on and while I talked about what to include in the summary I put up pictures of a bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and meat. We had fun with it today and the kids really did pay attention! At the end of the lesson today they really were able to tell me what information should be included in a summary.

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