Friday, February 15, 2013

Anchor Charts

When I first began my teaching career it wasn't unusual to cover the walls of the room with many commercially made materials like posters or bulletin board sets. Times have changed! I make a lot of the posters that go up on the walls with the kids so that they are relevant to the the kids. Our principal says it leaves "tracks of our teaching." 

Here's two posters that I made during our last unit. One is for main idea and the other for cause and effect. Bear in mind that I'm no artist. I try to keep the illustrations simple and focus on the content that I want the kids to pay attention to. :)

One of my students pointed out that the Titanic was actually the RMS Titanic, not the SS Titanic like I drew! How's that for detail oriented thinking!

Sorry for the glare, but I do get them laminated because I move the posters around the room quite a bit. If they aren't laminated, they don't last as long!

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