Monday, November 5, 2012

Writing Unit 3 - The Persuasive Genre

We are right in the middle of one of my favorite units of writing! Students are working in the persuasive writing genre. They will be taking a position, drafting a letter with reasons and support, publishing their letter using technology, and then mailing it off. This is one of my favorite units because kids can see that their words have power. Young children often feel like they don't have a voice in decisions, but this short unit lets them find out that they can be heard.

For the majority of our students persuasive writing is a genre that they aren't too familiar with. We spent last week looking at three short persuasive letters in detail to determine what a persuasive letter should include. This week we are taking a position and working on building a sound, solid argument from facts. We will also try out various styles of leads and endings. Next week we will wrap up our letter and type it up. For our writer's celebration we will address an envelope and stamp it as we put out letters in the mail.

At the beginning of each unit we make a concept web to show the students what will be taught and what kind of work they will do. It makes a great way to help kids know what to expect and gives them something to refer to as we progress through the unit. I'll post the new reading concept web in just a bit.

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