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You know what? I love writing. I may not be great at it, I may not be the best at teaching it, but man do I love me some writing. Give me a pen and paper and I am happy as a clam.

I also love making charts. I'm not the greatest at that either, but I try my best. Here are a few writing charts I have up in the room right now.

This one came after a lesson on dialogue. We used the Mo Willems book "I Love My New Toy" from his Elephant and Piggie series because they are fun and the kids love them.  The Elephant and Piggie books are great for studying characters. We used them to practice punctuating dialogue correctly since the characters just use speech bubbles.

This was after the dialogue lesson also. We pretended to be Mo Willems' copy editors and rewrote some of the pages in his book so they followed the rules of punctuating dialogue. We couldn't have "Piggie said" or "Gerald said" on every page, so we brainstormed synonyms for said and used those instead.

This is where most of my writing charts go. The big blue paper is for vivid words we find in our reading that we'd like to use in our writing. It also has a chart above it for what I call the "A.D.D." of writing (action, dialogue, details). To the right are some icons that go along with the things writers do to get ideas.

Writing instruction doesn't have to be fancy or complicated really. Just give them paper and pencil and encourage them to see what they can get started. Feedback from you, praise, and conferences will keep them going.

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