Sunday, October 14, 2012

Class Reading Log

I ask my students to keep a reading log in their reader's notebooks to track the reading they do during the day and a home reading log to track the 20 minutes they do each night for homework. I also keep a reading log for the titles I have read aloud to the class. Instead of writing it down like a list, I have been copying the covers of each book or magazine article that I read and then staple it up on the wall.

So instead of a reading log we have more of a reading timeline. It is a good visual and the kids are constantly looking up to reference what books we've shared. It comes in handy when kids are thinking about text to text connections or certain characters from a book. After I do my lesson plans for the next week I round up my read aloud books and copy the covers. Some of the books are oversized so I had to shrink the cover some, but the kids can still figure out what book it is. Once I have read the book aloud or used it during a lesson I staple the cover up on the wall. This is a handy tool that the kids have enjoyed using and it is easy to do.

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