Saturday, September 15, 2012

Writer's Notebook Update

We have launched our writer's notebooks this year. The kids were excited to get them and enjoyed covering them in paper and making the divider pages for our first unit. It was some of the only coloring we got to do! We are off to a great start. I know things are going good when I hear some friends ask "When are we going to write?" or I hear a couple of friends say "Yes!" and pump their fist when I announce it's time to get out writer's notebooks and come to the rug.

The beginning of our writer's notebooks have several blank pages for charts that we've made during each writing unit. Real estate is at a premium in our classrooms and I can only afford to leave up the most important charts as we go along. That is why I made a section in the writer's notebook titled "What We're Learning." On these pages I have (and will) type up small versions of charts in our room so that the kids can glue them in and have the charts to refer to even if they aren't on the walls.

Here's the charts I typed up from unit 1 that are glued in my notebook. We are wrapping up unit 1 this week by moving on to drafting, revising/editing and publishing, so I can review those concepts and have the kids glue them in this week.

If I was really crafty I would make these colored or use cute fonts, but sometimes simple is best!

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  1. How do you set up the notebook? As in - how many pages does each section have and how many pages do you leave in the front? I love this!!